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This course has been designed for practicing translators and those who have a proficient level in English as well as some Financial background.

This course has been intentionally developed in English and French in order to help you familiarize yourself with the most commonly used terminology in this field of expertise as well as provide you with material you need to practice your translation skills. This one-to-one course is meant to give all the tools you require to translate key financial documents. It introduces you to the world of Finance, Key Financial Statements and Key Terminology. It highlights the differences between each section of an annual report and explains how key Financial Statements are structured. Ultimately, this course will help translators and professionals better understand the world of finance, the main financial documents and the key terminology so that they can interpret and translate any type of financial documents in a more effective manner. You will discover how to use the course material as you work through it. There are six integrated components to these courses:
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